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weekly Points Contest
Published on 29-10-2020

Hello ATMClix members,

Contest Start 30-Oct-2020 and Expire 06-Nov-2020.
So everyone can join in this contest and get good prizes.

Prizes are below.
1st prize $20 ($10AB +$10PB)
2nd prize $12.5 ($5AB +$7.5PB)
3rd prize $7.5 (Purchase balance)
4th prize $5 (Purchase balance)
5th prize $2.5 (Purchase balance)
6th prize $0.5 (Purchase balance)
7th prize $0.5 (Purchase balance)
8th prize $0.5 (Purchase balance)
9th prize $0.5 (Purchase balance)
10th prize $0.5 (Purchase balance)

Get points by doing simple steps.

1) Deposit $1 and get 20 points
2) Refer 1 members and get 10 points
3) Post 1 forum post and get 1 points
4) View 1 ad and get 1 points

Eligibility Criteria
1) Should collect minimum 350 points to participate in contest.
2) Direct Referrals not allowed from Russian sites
3) Creating multiple accounts using VPN are not allowed

How the Prizes are distributed

1) Prizes are distributed  manually after verifing the eligible members
2) if only 4 members are eligible for contest then Last 4 prizes are distributed (from bottom)
  Remaining prizes are not distributed to any one.
3)If any one try to cheat by creating multiple accounts using VPN his/her accounts are suspended and all his/her
  account activities are rested.

Work Fair and Earn Fair   



Ad Packs Interduced
Published on 27-10-2020

Dear ATMCLIX Members

We are happy to share small percentage of our daily revenue to our members through AD PACKS.

To earn from ad pack you no need to click any ads daily

Each AD Pack Price is $1 and you will get upto 4% daily based on your membership and YOu will get a specil Package upon purchase of each ad pack.

Also user will get

1) 200 PTC Credits (Upon purchase)
2) 1000 Featured Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
3) 5000 Banner Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
4) 1000 Featured Link Credits (Upon purchase)
5) 10 Points (Upon purchase)

Please find the below table for daily earning percentage based on your membership


Thans & Regards


Please Don't Try to cheat us!
Published on 26-10-2020

Hello ATMCLIX members,

Our system detected few people are using VPN to create multiple account from Russia and France sites.

ATMClix has been already installed anti cheat software. If any one try to cheat us , Your account will be permanently suspended and all your account activities are reset




ATM CLIX Launch Promo
Published on 25-10-2020

Hello Dear ATMCLIX Members,

we would like to interduce ATMCLIX. Before Going to more details brief about us,We have 10 Years of Experience in PTC/GPT sites , with that experience we decided to start a new site with stable,secure and more profitable to all our members.

ATMCLIX is a total online advertising platform. You no need to invest here to start earning. So register now and start earning money for free!.
We are working hard on our platform to offer quality and efficient services to achieve the satisfaction of each of you.

ATMCLIX is managed by good experienced professionals and most innovative idealogy team. We have created the website for a long term project that will bring members, investors, advertisers here.

Don't Miss Bestever Launch Promotions.

1 : Free Membership for First 10 Users
Invest $50 + and get Free ATM START Membership 30 Days ( worth is $6.5 and 30 Rented Referrals)
Invest $150 + and get Free ATMEARN Membership 90 Days ( worth is $40 and 60 Rented Referrals)
Invest $300 + and get Free ATM6 Membership 180 Days ( worth is $85 and 100 Rented Referrals)
Invest $500 + and get Free ATM Membership 365 Days ( worth is $150 and 200 Rented Referrals)
Invest $1000 + and get Free ATMULTIMATE 6 Membership 180 Days (worth is $390 and 400 Rented Referrals)
Invest $1500 + and get Free ATMULTIMATE Membership   360 Days (worth is $780 and 600 Rented Referrals)

2 : Deposit Bonus
$5 ~ $50 = 5% bonus in your Purchase Balance.
$50 ~ $100 = 7% bonus in your Purchase Balance.
$100 ~ $200 = 10% bonus in your Purchase Balance.
$200~ $500 = 15% bonus in your Purchase Balance.

Add funds on your purchase balance Click Here !

To Avail this bonus you have to create a support ticket, bonus will added to your account as soon as possible.
In the above promo's each member can eligible either free membership or bonus, not the both.

Referrals will be distributed based on priority and availability order.

This promo is valid until 02-Nov-2020 server time.


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